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10 Ways to Increase Your Car’s Value Today


Being a presentable human being isn’t always easy.

It takes time and money. We need clothes, haircuts, shoes, perfume … the list goes on.

At least showers are relatively free, right?

Having a presentable car isn’t easy or cheap either. There’s constant upkeep that’s required. New wheels, paint jobs, oil changes. Sometimes even your ride needs a shower.

But Wait…

What if we told you there were some things you could do right now, that would immediately boost the look and value of your vehicle, without costing you a fortune?

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not.

See for yourself.

#1 Get a Wax


Think your car looks a little faded? You don’t always need to get a new paint job. Sometimes a simple wax is enough to add major value – and shine – to your ride. You can do it yourself too. However, avoid using household products like dish soap. Get a can of wax specifically designed for a car. It’s inexpensive and it won’t damage your vehicle’s exterior.

Don’t have time to wax your car yourself? Get a professional to do it. Sure, it’s more money but the finished product is well worth the price tag.

Life Hack: Owned your vehicle for an eternity? Having a tough time remembering what the original color even looks like? Open the door and check inside the door frame. This area rarely sees the sunlight and it will be close to the your vehicle’s original color. That way when you’re shining, you’ll know what to look for.

#2 Shine the Wheels


A shiny set of wheels can go a long way. Some tire shine products are meant to be applied by a rag, while others are meant to be sprayed on. With the rag products, spray the liquid directly onto the rag then rub it in consistent patterns for an even shine. For spray cleaners, make sure to remove any excess product from the tires before driving. If you don’t, the excess product will splatter across your fenders and doors. Not a sharp look.

Life Hack: Remember when someone said old T-shirts and shop rags were good enough to use? Well that guy was wrong. Only use towels specifically designed for cars! This includes microfiber cloths and 100% cotton terry towels. These kinds of materials will treat your ride like the champion it is.

#3 Deal With Scratches


Nobody picks the apple with the giant bruise on its side. The same goes for your car. It’s important to note that major dents and scratches can be expensive to repair. Go Auto has 4 Auto Body & Collision Repair Shops across Western Canada, as well as affordable pricing for the big fixes. However, minor dents and scratches can often be fixed for under a $100. Fixing these issues can go a long way when it comes to improving the overall value of your vehicle.

Life Hack: Minor paint scratches can sometimes be polished out! It never hurts to try.

#4 Fix the Easy Stuff


You see a “Check Engine” light and you automatically assume it’s a big and expensive fix. Well, not always. It could be something relatively simple. Take it into a professional and have them check it out.

If your car is missing its “Badge of Honor” on the front grille, order a new one. These can also be cheaper than you think.

Burnt out taillight? Replace it! These are all minor fixes that will help improve the look and feel of your car.

Life Hack: Cloudy headlights? Some automobile experts swear that toothpaste (especially the whitening kind) can clean those dirty headlights. Apply the toothpaste to the plastic lens cover and scrub. Then rise off completely with clean water and dry. Disclaimer: We don’t guarantee this will work, in fact we’d rather just do it for you. But, if you’re feeling adventurous, give it a try.

#5 Get New Lights


Bright headlights make everything look new. Plus the great thing is, new bulbs cost next to nothing! Check out our Parts Department and get a quote. It’s one of the easiest things you can do for your car. You’ll appreciate the improvement in your nighttime driving too.

Life Hack: Window cleaners won’t work on the outside of your headlights, so don’t bother trying. They simply weren’t made for cars. Don’t waste any more money than you have too! Buy the proper cleaning product, try toothpaste, or take it to us!

#6 Interior Makeover


A beautiful exterior means nothing if the inside looks unkempt.

Clean your seats. There are spray-on cleaners that can be vacuumed or wiped off. That way you can take care of both the upholstery stains and the crumbs from that muffin you demolished on the way to work, six months ago.

Dust your dash before you clean it and be selective when you choose a product. All-in-one shine products usually have a lot of oil in them, leaving your dash feeling greasy. Avoid them!

Get the vacuum going and clean those floors. It takes just a couple of hours, but a thorough clean of the interior can turn your vehicle into a palace.

Life Hack: All-weather floor mats are lifesavers. They completely cover your floor, from edge-to-edge, and have an outer rim to contain liquids.

#7 Get Your Papers in Order

papers in order

Organization is key. Keep a record of all the work you’ve had done to the vehicle, as well as repairs. Keep all your documents together in a neat and organized fashion. It shows you take care of your vehicle and you’re a reliable person, should you ever want to sell.

Life Hack: Get a vehicle history report from CarFax.  These records will show the vehicle’s ownership history. They can be anywhere from $20 to $60, but it’s great to always have a recent one along with your paperwork.

#8 Repair the Windshield


A clear, chip free windshield can make a vehicle look brand new. It also provides increased visibility when you’re driving. For a job well done, you’ll need a professional. Go Auto has a full service solution for collision repair, lease return repairs, cosmetic touch ups and safety maintenance. That includes windshield repair. Schedule an appointment today!

#9 Talk to a Professional


This is where we come in. Servicing your vehicle with Go Auto means saving 10-15% on every bill, as well as getting a free loaner while your vehicle is in the shop. There’s 40 locations to choose from, so there’s bound to be an option in your area. Need parts? Go Auto carries Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for most makes and models. And if we don’t have them in stock, we can arrange fast delivery. We also offer a full range of tire services including mounting and balancing, tire storage, and tire repair.

Life Hack: You can schedule a serviceorder your parts and even book an estimate online for those dents and scratches that need a professional touch.


#10 Accessories


Some simple — and inexpensive — accessories can not only improve the overall look of your vehicle’s interior, it can help protect it too. Custom coverings are one of those great investments. Custom floor mats, a dashboard cover, seat covers and a steering wheel cover can cost very little and add a luxurious feel to your ride. Leather is one material that looks great inside a vehicles cabin.

Sometimes adding a new audio system can also improve your cars value although this can get expensive and it might not appeal to everyone.

Life Hack: Factory speakers have a tendency to wear out quickly. Just switch them out for new ones! Once you make the upgrade, you’ll hear the difference almost immediately. Plus, depending on the vehicle, it can be relatively inexpensive!


Have another suggestion in mind? Have questions about the services we provide? Leave it in the comments below!