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10 Car Inspired Mother’s Day Gifts for Under $100


Moms are probably the only people in the world who would change your dirty, crap-filled diapers and still think you were the greatest human on the planet.

They don’t even laugh when you lick your metal swing set — in the middle of winter — and get your tongue stuck. They just come outside and help peel you off.

Wait, was that just me?

Moms might just be the greatest people around. This Mother’s Day, give her the perfect gift that shows her just how much you love her and that also says…

Thanks for putting up with me and my crap all these years.”


We’ve put together a list of some great auto-related gifts that will do just that. We can’t guarantee you won’t want to buy some of these for yourself either.

#1 Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator


We’ve all been there. You’re in the car and you realize the tires are a little low. You’ve stopped at three different gas stations and none of them have an air pump! Save your mom the hassle. Give her the gift of perfectly inflated tires.

The best part? It automatically shuts off when the proper PSI is reached.

#2 Heated Massage Cushion


Unless you drive a vehicle that has massage capabilities built into the seats — like the 2016 Jaguar XJ — you’re bound to get a little sore on a long drive. Even the most comfortable bucket seats can leave you feeling stiff. What better way to say ‘Sorry for stressing you out mom’ than buying her an in-car personal masseuse.

Nothing like a good rubdown mid-drive, am I right?

#3 Glove Box Car Jump Start


Now your mom will never have to worry about a dead battery again. This Glove Box Car Jump Starter can fully jump-start your car on its own by using electrical energy. That means you don’t need another car for the job!

You might need to teach her how to use it, though.

#4 Electric Windshield De-Icer


The only other place on the planet that has colder winters than Edmonton has got to be Siberia. And the only thing worse than standing outside in -30-degree weather, in the middle of January, scraping off your windows in your pajamas is… Well, there’s not much worst.

Believe me, once you get one of these bad boys, you’ll never go back. All you need to do is plug it into your vehicle’s cigarette outlet and glide it across the windshield. Most come with a long cord for extra reach, an integrated light so you can see in the dark and a squeegee option, which keeps your window’s streak free.

Besides that whole man in space thing, this has got to be the coolest scientific discovery yet.

#5 Buckle Up Seat Belt Hook


Only a mom would love something this cheesy. This wall mounted key holder looks like a real car seat belt buckle. She’ll never have to worry about losing her keys in the house again.

#6 Grip Strip


These things are just plain cool. The Grip Strip is the perfect placeholder for your mom’s phone. It’s resistant to water, hot weather and sunlight and it fits snugly on any dash. That way she can keep both eyes on the road and still have her phone within reach, should she need it. Plus it leaves zero residue behind.

Sticky strips that hold your phone so you don’t have too… What a time to be alive.

#7 Kick Mats


Everyone needs one of these, not just moms. These ingenious organizers hang from the back of either the driver or passenger’s seat, keeping them protected from muddy feet and excess dirt. They also keep everything together and organized, in one set place. They come in a variety of sizes, with a different combination of pockets and zippers.

Snacks, iPods, headphones, books, sunglasses… You name it, it’ll hold it.

#8 Defogger Cham-Pad


The Defogger Cham-Pad is a synthetic, highly absorbent, oil-tanned sheepskin leather sponge (try saying that 3 times really fast) that will take care of condensation inside your windshield without leaving streaks. Use it to dry, polish or shine.


#9 Car Charger


This is just an essential part of any vehicles tool set. It’s especially ideal for people who listen to music, use a GPS program, or have blue tooth running regularly from their phones.

Go the extra mile and get your mom one that has three separate ports, so she can charge multiple devices at the same time. There’s no doubt you’ll be her number one child after this gift.

#10 Universal Cell Phone Air Vent or Windshield Car Mount Holder


Another mouthful to pronounce. These are definitely more popular than the Grip Strip for holding your phone. Plus some of them even have charging capabilities. Most come with a flexible gooseneck that provides 360° rotation for portrait or landscape viewing. You’re mom just got super cool. 


What’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten your mom? What’s the worst? Have another suggestion? Leave it in the comments section below!