Credit 101: Understanding Your Credit Report

Credit … *shudder* … is a word that nobody likes to hear, but everyone wants to know more about. Your credit “score” associates you with your borrowing habits and determines whether you’re a reliable borrower or an unreliable one. In simpler terms, it measures whether banks or other lenders can trust you to pay back … Continued

Driving Tips

Essential Tips for City Driving

Whether you live in the city or not, learning to properly maneuver the concrete jungle is a skill worth exploring. City driving comes with many challenges – traffic, pedestrians, parked cars, and narrow streets. To say that it can be frustrating would be an understatement. But don’t worry, I’m here to provide a few tips … Continued


I’m Bankrupt. Can I Finance a Vehicle?

So you’ve declared bankruptcy, but are in desperate need of a vehicle. There’s no hope in the world to finance a vehicle right? Not necessarily. It definitely makes the situation a bit more challenging, but not impossible. Thankfully there are lenders like Go Auto Finance who exist to help with lower end credit and bankruptcy … Continued

Buying Tips

What is a CVT Transmission?

Chances are you have driven a vehicle with a CVT transmission and probably had no idea you were doing so. But wait, aren’t vehicles either automatic or manual? Traditionally yes. But since the early-mid 2000’s the CVT option has become a popular alternative, despite being invented hundreds of years ago (thanks Leonardo Da Vinci). Continuously … Continued

Buying Tips

Trading In vs Selling Privately: Which is Better?

Trading In vs Selling Privately

When it comes to trading in vs selling privately, we’re asked two questions over and over and over again. What’s the difference between trading in my vehicle and selling it privately? Which is the best option? In other words, people want to know whether they should sell their car to the same dealership they’re buying … Continued