Car-A-Week Giveaway Puts Edmonton Family in a Brand New Vehicle


Are you wondering who Justin Worshek is?

Well, we certainly know! He’s one of our latest car-a-week winners with Go Auto! He recently walked into Kentwood Ford hoping to find a new vehicle for him and his family. Fast forward to Monday and Justin is the proud new owner of his 2016 Ford Edge valued at $37,650. And yes, it’s free.

How Exactly Did Justin Win His New Vehicle?

The answer is simple. At Go Auto, we’re giving away a car, truck, SUV, van, RV or boat every single week this year. We have 35+ participating dealerships and you’re able to win at every single one of them.

This is how Justin did it and how you can too: Every Monday we pick a winner from last week’s list of purchasers. Then we simply write them a cheque for the value of their recently purchased vehicle. So the next time you’re thinking about buying a vehicle in 2016, think  And hey, who knows! You could be the next Justin, headed straight to the bank in your brand new car!

Congratulations Justin to you, your wife, your cute little ninja turtle and brand new baby!