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2018 Honda Accord Named Detroit Auto Show Car of the Year

Detroit Auto Show Car of the Year

Honda is taking home one of the top awards at the Detroit Auto Show for the third straight year. The 2018 Honda Accord surprised many by being named Detroit Auto Show Car of the Year, beating out the revamped Toyota Camry and the new Kia Stinger.

The Honda Civic won Car of the Year at the 2016 show, and the Honda Ridgeline pulled off a massive upset last year by winning dunking in the Face of Ford, RAM, and Chevrolet and winning Truck of the Year.

The judges took into account innovation, design, safety, driver satisfaction and value for the dollar.

This Isn’t Your Dad’s Honda Accord

Honda is launching the 10th-generation Accord with a completely new look and feel. “Honda seems to have executed some sort of magic trick,”┬ásaid CNET’s Chris Paukert, a juror who voted on the award. “Not only is this Accord far sleeker and more decisively styled than its predecessor, it’s somehow roomier inside, too,”

This is the biggest Accord ever, as far as interior space. Honda somehow did it while making the car sleeker on the outside, too. The new Accord is powered by two different four-cylinder turbocharged engines. Hybrid and high-performance versions are offered.

2018 marks the 40th anniversary of the Accord. It couldn’t have launched it any better.

2018 Honda Accord Interior
The 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid is spacious AF.

Lincoln Navigator Wins Truck of the Year

Lincoln re-engineered the Navigator for the first time in its history. It paid off in spades.

Lincoln cut more than 200 pounds off the Navigator’s body by switching to aluminum (inspired, no doubt, by the F-150’s game-changing switch to aluminum). This improved both handling and fuel efficiency.

Before the Detroit Auto Show, some weren’t sure whether the Navigator would compete in the truck category or the utility category. But given its new engineering, the 2018 Navigator is much more similar to a truck than a car.

“With its design now aligned with the Continental, the Navigator becomes an even more important image — and the profit-maker for Lincoln,” said the New York Daily News’ Ron Sessions.

The Volvo XC60 won Utility of the Year.