Edmonton Couple Shocked After Big Contest Win


Edmonton’s Kaitlin Perry is the latest in an eventual 52-person line of winners during our Car-A-Day Giveaway.

Kaitlin took home a free 2012 Jeep Wrangler from Norden Volkswagen this week. Some tears were shed, some laughs were had, some expletives were deleted from the above video because this is a family show, god dammit.

How Did Kaitlin Win a Vehicle?

Great question.

Everyone who buys a vehicle from one of Go Auto’s 35+ participating dealerships in 2016 is automatically entered to win their purchase! So every Monday we pick a winner from last week’s list of purchasers and they get to walk away with a cheque for the value of the vehicle they just bought. No matter the year, brand, cost, etc (with a scant few exceptions*).

The good news for you … is that you can be next!

If you’re thinking about buying a vehicle in 2016, think Go Auto. You just might get it for free.

Congrats, Kaitlin!

Car-A-Week Exceptions: Dodge Vipers, Nissan GTRs, Porsches, Land Rovers, and Jaguars are all exempt from the contest. For full details, visit