Surrey’s Jenney Drummond Wins $28,000 Off Her Car Loan


Jenney Drummond of Surrey B.C., is the latest winner of Go Auto’s Pay-Off-Your-Car-Loan Contest!

How did Jenney get so lucky? It’s simple really. She heard about the promotion on the radio. Then she went home and entered online. Next thing you know, Jenney’s holding a cheque for $28,154.55.

Jenney’s not the only one Go Auto handed a large cheque to this month. Just two weeks ago, Edmonton’s Corey Shaw, who also heard about the promotion on the radio, texted in and won $30,000 off his car loan!

No need to bust out the calculator… That’s almost $60,000 in free money! And the best part?

Go Auto’s continuing the contest through the month of April. That’s means two more winners and two more giant cheques.

You Can Be Next

The process is simple.

All you have to do is give Go Auto the make and model of your vehicle, as well as the amount of your monthly loan payment. Then the next winner’s name will be drawn on April 15th. Corey and Jenney we’re our first lucky winners. You could be next!

You can enter to win one of four ways:

  1. text or phone 780-777-7777
  2. email
  3. visit any one of our 40+ dealerships across Western Canada.
  4. Or Enter Here

Anyone is eligible to win, so enter right now! It takes just seconds and it could potentially change your life forever.