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The Best 2018 Super Bowl Ads

Best 2018 Super Bowl ads

The best 2018 Super Bowl ads will be Googled for the next year straight. That’s because companies spend insane amounts of money (more on that below), big name actors show up (more on that below), new products are launched (again, more on that below), and typically, weird s#!+ happens (see a pattern here?).

2018’s crop of Super Bowl ads are no different.

On the automotive front, we’ve got co-branded ads with Marvel, Steven Tyler turning back time with some crazy CGI, an inspiring look at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and a revolutionary app that could score one lucky fan a FREE Mercedes.

Scroll down to view the best automotive Super Bowl ads of 2018, but first…

Some Fun Super Bowl Ad Facts

1. Commercials cost anywhere between $4.6m and $5m. That’s a ridiculous $160,000 per second. Hilariously, a 30-second ad in 1967 cost about $37,500 (all figures in $US).

2. It’s estimated that CBS will rake in $377m in ad revenue this year. That’s more than the combined spend on Super Bowl advertising in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

3. In the the first 50 years of the Super Bowl, $4.5 billion has been spent on advertising.


5. As recently as 1995, the auto industry spent less than $20m on advertising ($19.7m). But in 2015, automotive skyrocketed to $99m. Since 2011, the auto industry has spent the most on ads every year.

6. The most viewed Super Bowl ad ever is Volkswagen’s 2011 Star Wars-themed “The Force” ad. Remember? The one with the kid in the Darth Vader helmet? It received 17m views on YouTube before the game that year, and crossed 63m views in 2018.

The Best 2018 Super Bowl Ads

Kia Stinger | Steven Tyler

The all-new Kia Stinger ,which launches later this year, is being unveiled to the world through … Steven Tyler, of all people?

Driving the Stinger makes Tyler feel young again, or “feel something again.” It’s a pretty cool ad, but it’s also pretty sad, right?

Tyler is making his Super Bowl return, after taking last year off. In 2016, if you recall, there was that weird one with a singing portrait of himself made out of Skittles.

Toyota | Good Odds

Toyota’s Super Bowl spend is the biggest ever, with two different spots that feature its Olympics/Paralympics sponsorships.

This is one of the best Super Bowl ads I’ve ever seen. The message is fantastic, and it’s legitimately the first piece of advertising that has gotten my excited about the upcoming Games (which is crazy, since it’s only weeks away).

If you watch one commercial, watch this one.

Lexus | Black Panther

Lexus’ co-promotion with Marvel cheated a bit. They released a 60-second ad (above) before the game, but will air a 30-second version during the game. The spot is a tie-in with the upcoming Black Panther movie.

Toyota | Mobility Anthem

Toyota’s second spot, “Mobility Anthem,” is a 30-second version of the 2-minute “Mobility for All” commercial they released online a few months ago.

“This is an unprecedented opportunity for our team at Toyota to share messages of unity, friendship, diversity and perseverance,” says Ed Laukes, group vice president for Toyota marketing at Toyota Motor North America. “With the Super Bowl and the Olympics just days apart on NBC, we’re excited to join fans’ enthusiasm for these two world-class events and connect with them by sharing meaningful and inspiring TV spots.”

Mercedes | Last Fan Standing

Mercedes’ Super Bowl-themed commercial is either the best of the bunch or the worst. I can’t quite tell.

Mercedes is advertising their app, which asks fans to keep their finger on a spinning car for as long as possible during the Super Bowl. The last fan to have their finger on the car WINS the car.

Which is awesome.

But at the same time, in order to win it, that person absolutely can’t watch the Super Bowl. Far too much attention is required.

Which is weird.

What do you say? Will you play?

And just for fun…
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