The Thunderous 2017 Jaguar F-TYPE SVR


The 2017 F-TYPE SVR is the latest from Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations — the brand’s in-house custom performance team — and it’s their most powerful vehicle to date. By a lot.

The SVR’s 5.0-litre V8 unit twin vortex supercharger engine promises drivers’ 575 horsepower and a top speed of 323 km/h. It also delivers an acceleration rate of 0-100 km/h in just under four seconds (3.7 to be exact).

How are numbers like this even possible?

One word: Weight.

The F-TYPE SVR Specs

Every element of the SVR was designed with weight in mind, or rather, the least amount of weight possible. Because it doesn’t take a rocket scientists to know that the lighter the car, the faster the drive.

  • The SVR’s 20-inch F-TYPE wheels are made from forged alloy and are 13 kilograms lighter than standard F-TYPE wheels.
  • The exhaust system was built with lightweight Titanium and Inconel, which translates into even more weight loss.
  • The optional Carbon Ceramic Matrix Braking system saves 20.8 kilograms of weight over the standard F-TYPE.
  • Even the SVR’s active baffles are made from a light-weight titanium.

In combination, all of these upgrades means the 2017 model is 55-pounds lighter than the regular R. It also cuts aerodynamic drag by 7.5 percent. This translates into huge performance numbers AKA all that horsepower we mentioned earlier.

Perhaps the most dramatic part of the new SVR, though, besides things like its flash carbon-fiber rear wing or the interior’s diamond-stitched seating, are those new titanium baffles. Not only are they lighter than before, they open earlier too and without any prompting from the exhaust switch. This makes for what Car and Driver call an “outrageous roar and off-throttle gunfire-like pops.”

Heads will turn. Eardrums will shatter.

Build Your Own SVR

Inside the SVR, owners can expect the same type of over-the-top elegance. While the center console and steering wheel can be ordered in microsuede, the diamond-stitched seats come standard.

Essentially, though, how your SVR looks on the inside is totally up to you. Owners can select the body and roof colors. This means textures, color combinations, features and accessories; personalize it however you want.

With the 2017 F-Type SVR, it’s all about bravado. With advanced aerodynamics and a thunderous exhaust system, it’s one of the loudest, fastest and fanciest luxury vehicles on the market.

The SVR starts at $142,000 for the coupe option and $145,000 for the convertible.

Build your own 2017 F-TYPE SVR here.