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The 2017 Range Rover Sport is Full of New Tech Features


Land Rover is making sure the 2017 Range Rover Sport has every tech feature imaginable… And then some. From safety to entertainment and the gambit of options in-between, tech nerds will not be left wanting in the new diesel-deluxe SUV.

We’ll break down the feature highlights, what’s been updated for 2017 and why the Range Rover Sport deserves your attention.

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2017 Range Rover Sport

First, let’s talk safety. Range Rover has added Lane-Departure Warning, Automated Emergency Braking, and Rear Park-Distance to all 2017 base models. The 2016 Sport is already full of safety features and these three additions will complement the following;

  • Terrain Response
  • All-Terrain Progress Control
  • Hill Descent Control
  • Dynamic Response
  • Torque Vectoring
  • Adaptive Dynamics
  • Dynamic Stability Control
  • Electronic Suspensions
  • Automatic Access Height
  • Dynamic Response (SVR)
  • Towing and Driving Aids

If this isn’t enough, you can opt to include the Drive Pack, which adds Blind-Spot Monitoring and an innovative new system called the Intelligent Speed Limiter, which works exactly like it sounds – your Range Rover can read the speed-limit signs and stop your car from going over.

If that’s STILL not enough, a Drive Pro Pack that includes adaptive Cruise Control, Lane-Keeping Assist, and Blind-Spot Assist can also be added. Our favorite feature though is Blind Spot Assist because who hasn’t tried changing lanes only to hear the dreaded warning honk from someone hanging out in your blind spot.


Land Rover’s calling their 2017 model “the most connected Range Rover Sport to date” and they’re making sure that statement’s backed up. The InControl Touch Pro touchscreen works like your vehicles personal 10-inch smartphone. You’re able to pinch and zoom your screen like you would your iPhone’s. Things like weather updates and news will also be available directly from the screen. Finally, driver’s can remotely control different parts of their car, like lock or unlocking doors, adjusting the climate control and turning it on.

Another feature we think drivers will really like is the Commute Mode. Essentially Commute Mode gives your Range Rover the opportunity to get to know you better. It learns your driving patterns, schedule, and preferred routes and helps set a daily course for you based on this information. The help doesn’t stop when the cars parked, either. The Range Rover’s navigation system can automatically transfer to your phone as you exit the vehicle if you want to receive last-minute directions.


There’s even some cool new towing technology if hauling a trailer is your thing. The all-new Sport will have a rear view camera set up so you can indicate the intended direction of the trailer for the Terrain Response system. The vehicle takes control of the steering wheel and directs the trailer while you control the speed at which it starts and stops.

Land Rover’s also made sure to include something for their off-roading customers too. With the Sport’s All-Terrain Info Center, you’ll be able to see things like your vehicle’s geometry, slope assists engagement and wheel information while using the surround-view cameras to help you maneuver difficult trails.


We could go on and on and on…. The Range Rover Sport is stacked with new features for 2017 and owners will be excited with all the options. There’s also a long list of additional packages that are both inclusive and adaptable. It even offers Low Traction Launch which Jaguar F-Pace fans will recognize; this feature helps owners navigate low-traction surfaces like snow and ice — so in other words, perfect for Canadian winters.

The 2017 Land Rover Range Rover Sport goes on sale later this year.


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