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2018 Hyundai Elantra Review

2018 Hyundai Elantra review

Incredibly affordable and fuel efficient, the stylish and charismatic 2018 Hyundai Elantra stands out among its class of compact cars. Its eye-catching and innovative design, attractive and surprisingly spacious interior, and advanced safety and driver assist features make this an excellent car for just about anyone looking for a great ride without breaking the bank. We challenge you to read our 2018 Hyundai Elantra review and resist buying this car.

The 2018 Elantra gives its more-established competitors–the Honda Civic the Ford Focus–a run for their money. With its sleek look, fantastic infotainment system, and advanced technology, you’ll be shocked at how low the price tag is.

If you’re a parent searching for your teenager’s first car, if you’re conscious about the environment and want something that burns less fuel, or if you’re just looking for something fun to drive, consider taking a look at the 2018 Elantra. It won’t disappoint.


  • Great value for your dollar
  • Top-end fuel efficiency
  • Advanced technology
  • Quiet and smooth ride
  • Sleek exterior design
  • Safety and driver assist features


  • $17,299 – $32,699


New Trims, Added Features, Advanced tech

On the tails of last year’s completely revamped redesign, the 2018 Elantra has made a few adjustments to their trims. The 2018 addition now has the all-new Elantra GT and GT Sport hatchbacks.

Perhaps more noteworthy, however, are all the exciting safety, performance, and entertainment features that were once optional but that are now made standard.

Among these are the popular Blind Spot Detection with Rear Cross-traffic Alert, as well as the Lane Change Assist system.


Great Fuel Economy, Multiple Driving Modes, Better Handling

When it comes to the 2018 Elantra’s performance and fuel economy, there’s a lot to be excited about.

The true highlight, though, is its fuel economy numbers:

  • 9.3 L/100km in the city
  • 6.4 L/100km on the highway
  • 8.0 L/100km combined

The 2018 Elantra ranks among the top of its class in this category – only the Honda Civic bests it.

All trims come equipped with a standard and fuel efficient 2.0-litre Atkinson 4-cylinder engine that can produce a decent 147 horsepower (for a car this size). The standard 6-speed manual transmission pairs well with the fuel-efficient engine, as does the available 6-speed automatic transmission.

Drivers can also opt for the available Drive Select Mode. This nifty feature presents three different modes–Eco, Normal, and Sport–and you can adjust throttle response and steering to match your preferred driving style.

Critical to its performance numbers and the Elantra’s famously quiet ride is the rigid composition of the unique Superstructure body. Made with advanced high strength steel, this state-of-the-art body design allows for finely tuned suspension, precise handling, and provides the driver more control behind the wheel. And it’s super light too, which helps with those fuel efficiency numbers.

2018 Hyundai Elantra review


IIHS Top Safety Pick, Tons of Advanced Features

With an overall safety rating of four-out-of-five stars from Edmunds, and the IIHS Top Safety Pick award, the 2018 Elantra leads its class when it comes to safety.

Parents searching for their teenager’s first car, listen up. The 2018 Elantra, even at its base trim, is loaded with advanced safety and driver assist features. You get the impression that you could drive it with your eyes closed, (although we strongly recommend you don’t).

Adaptive cruise control lets you set the speed you want to keep on the highway, but also allows you to set the number of vehicle lengths you want to maintain between yourself and the car ahead of you. The 2018 Elantra is also available with stop-and-go technology, which automatically brings the car to a safe and controlled stop in the event that the vehicle ahead of you comes to a complete stop.

Should you attempt to change lanes with someone in your blind spot, the Elantra’s Lane Change Assist will physically correct you to stay within your lane. The list of safety features is long and exhaustive, and it seems that the designers left nothing off the table. Additional available features include:

  • Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection
  • Lane departure warning
  • Lane keep assist
  • Blind spot detection with rear cross-traffic alert
  • Rear-view camera
  • Dynamic bending light (headlights that turn in the direction of the steering wheel

With this many active safety and driver assist features, you’re practically a passenger in your own vehicle.


Quality Materials on All Trims, Great Heating Features

The 2018 Elantra’s thoughtful and refined interior design is one of the main reasons we’re so excited about this car. Quality materials are used on all trims, so there’s no need to spring for an upper trim to have the look and feel of a luxury vehicle.

The interior designers at Hyundai proved that compact and comfort aren’t mutually exclusive. Clever use of space and crafty cargo options make it’s interior seem much larger than the measurements would indicate. As long your passengers aren’t NBA power forwards, the Elantra will provide you enough space to seat four quite comfortably. Five, if you’re looking to snuggle.

Moreover, the backseat’s 60/40 split can fold down flat as well. This makes storing skis, hockey sticks, and just about anything else incredibly easy to do.

Additional heating features:

  • heated steering wheel (that heats the entire wheel, not just two spots)
  • heated front seats (with different levels of heat)

2018 Hyundai Elantra review


Top of the Line Infotainment System, Proximity Entry, and More

The 2018 Elantra’s infotainment system is intuitive and intelligently organized. Most trims come equipped with 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system. Better yet, this screen is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This essentially makes the Elantra an extension of your smartphone. Now, you can scroll through your music, make phone calls, use google maps, choose podcasts, and access your apps with no trouble at all.

Another exciting feature are the 16-inch and 17-inch alloy wheels; the former being standard to the GL and GL SE trims, and the latter being standard to the GLS and Limited trims. These are extremely durable, and are much less susceptible to rust than the standard steel wheels you’ll find on most of the competitors. Given the harsh, unforgiving climate we often experience in Canada, these long-lasting wheels give the Elantra a significant advantage over the competition.

Last but not least: the proximity keys. If you fumble for your keys every time you get in your car, then this feature is for you. Simply by having the keys on your person (or in your purse), you can unlock your vehicle with the press of a button on your door handle. This doubles as a safety feature, too.


With excellent fuel efficiency and a design that’s made to handle frigid climates, the 2018 Hyundai Elantra is a perfect match for Canadian drivers looking for a low-cost car.

In particular, those of us who live in the surrounding areas of Edmonton would be well-matched to this vehicle. The fuel economy rating is perfect for the combination of city and highway driving many of us do every day.

This car is nearly unmatched in terms of fuel efficiency and affordability. Which means the 2018 Hyundai Elantra is without a doubt one of our favourite compact cars on the market today.

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