Kick Off 2019 with $25,000 from Go Auto!

Go Auto's Winnertime Giveaway

Say goodbye to wintertime, Edmonton, and say hello to Winnertime! Go Auto wants to warm your pockets with $25,000 in cold hard cash. All you have to do to enter is visit the Winnertime home page. Not only will you be entered to win our $25,000 grand prize in February, but you’ll also be entered … Continued

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The Most Sought After Vehicle in Canada is…

AutoTRADER has just released their data on the most searched-for vehicles in Canada in 2018. And just like stepping on a scale during the holidays, the results were both surprising and entirely consistent at the same time. In short: we love SUVs, we’re getting a bit tired of cars, we have less money to spend … Continued

Auto News

Buy a Car with Go Auto, Make No Payments for 90 Days

Go Auto No Payments for 90 Days

Starting on Thursday, November 15th, participating Go Auto locations will be offering No Payments for 90 Days with the purchase of a new or used vehicle! From $5,000 economy cars to $40,000 family SUVs to $75,000 fully equipped trucks, almost every vehicle on will be eligible. That’s more than 11,000 vehicles from nearly 40 dealerships … Continued

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10 Fall Car Maintenance Tips

Fall Car Maintenence Tips

Now that November is finally here, it’s time to pull your hands from over your eyes and come to terms with the one thing we don’t all don’t want to admit: Winter is just around the corner. (Sidenote: can we all stop saying “Winter is coming?” It’s been seven years, guys, let it die. Just … Continued


What You Need to Know About Winter Tires

Winter Tire Fast Facts

Sadly, it’s that time of year again: the temperatures have dropped, we’re waking up to frost on our windshields, and every now and then we feel our vehicles slip just a little bit when we try to stop. In other words, it’s time to ditch our all-seasons and replace them with winter tires. At the … Continued


Edmonton’s Kayla Pilling Wins $25,000 in Go Auto’s Upgrade Your Ride Contest

Go Auto Contest

Only months after Julie Friesen won $25,000 in our January Go Auto contest, Edmonton’s Kayla Pilling is taking home $25,000 of her own thanks to our Upgrade Your Ride giveaway. The contest, which ran from April 4th to May 13th, awarded Kayla with enough money to upgrade her vehicle–a 2017 Chevrolet Traverse–to a brand new 2018 (hence, “Upgrade Your Ride”). However, she’ll take her winnings in cash, and will be able to do anything she wants with it.