Connor McDavid

Episode 7: Conversations with Connor

Connor McDavid Family

Often, we forget that our heroes–whether they be athletes or actors or politicians or musicians–are literally just regular people. They’ve gone through the same ups and downs as we have, they enjoy the same simple pleasures, they have weird habits and stupid friends and love the cartoon Recess.

They have families.

That’s what Episode 4 of Conversations with Connor is all about. During Connor McDavid’s day-long interview with Gene Principe, Connor’s mother, Kelly, calls him. So they decided to put her on speakerphone.

What we get is a side of Connor that’s rarely, if ever, shown: a peak behind the curtain into his family dynamic. The veneer of Connor as the world’s greatest hockey player quickly fades away and he’s simply a 20-year-old son talking with his sweet, loving mother.

Also, Gene invites himself to dinner. AKA Gene being Gene.

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