Connor McDavid

Take a Tour of Connor McDavid’s House

Connor McDavid's house

In the 9th (and final!) episode of Conversations with Connor, Gene Principe goes for a tour of Connor McDavid’s house in Newmarket, Ontario.

Click here to watch the video and see (among other things):

  • the wall Connor used for shooting practice (now destroyed)
  • the shrine his mother built in their basement
  • a few of Connor’s most embarrassing childhood photos

Connor McDavid is notoriously private, so a tour through the house he grew up in is actually pretty cool. Not many people get this kind of access. Connor was gracious enough to cap off his day with Gene with something he knew the fans really wanted.

While you’re watching Episode 9, be sure to click on the other videos on the page. Conversations with Connor was a 9-episode series, chronicling an entire day Connor spent with Gene Principe this past summer. It’s one of the most extended interviews Connor has ever done, and it covered things like his dream linemates, a fan Q&A, life inside the Oilers dressing room, and even a trip to the driving range to see what kind of game Connor has off the ice.

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