Take a Tour of Connor McDavid’s House

Connor McDavid's house

In the 9th (and final!) episode of Conversations with Connor, Gene Principe goes for a tour of Connor McDavid’s house in Newmarket, Ontario. Click here to watch the video and see (among other things): the wall Connor used for shooting practice (now destroyed) the shrine his mother built in their basement a few of Connor’s … Continued

Episode 8: The Connor McDavid Golf Video

Connor McDavid golf

Episode 8 is the longest video in the Conversations with Connor series. It sees Connor and Gene head to the driving range too see what kind of game McDavid has off the ice. Spoiler: The Connor McDavid golf game isn’t quite as strong as the Connor McDavid hockey game. Although Gene brought along a special club … Continued

Episode 7: Conversations with Connor

Connor McDavid Family

Often, we forget that our heroes–whether they be athletes or actors or politicians or musicians–are literally just regular people. They’ve gone through the same ups and downs as we have, they enjoy the same simple pleasures, they have weird habits and stupid friends and love the cartoon Recess. They have families. That’s what Episode 4 … Continued

Episode 6: Conversations with Connor

Connor McDavid friends

“I’ll never be the life of the party, that’s for sure.” If he’s nothing else, Connor McDavid is self aware. He knows he’s not the most outlandish guy, and he tells us why in the latest episode of Conversations with Connor: Episode 6. (It’s just now dawning on me that we really missed the boat … Continued

Episode 5: Conversations with Connor McDavid (Interview)

Conversations with Connor

In Episode 5 of “Conversations with Connor”, Connor talks about the importance of family, and his biggest fan in the world. And did you know that we’re giving away 97 Connor McDavid jerseys over the course of the series? There are still over 50 left to be won! Just click this link and scroll down past … Continued

Episode 4: Conversations with Connor McDavid (Interview)

Connor McDavid Interview

In Episode 4 of our Connor McDavid interview series, we pack a lot of information into a short space. It’s a rapid fire Q&A with the Oilers’ captain! We get to learn all kinds stuff about Connor, like: His favorite cartoon Whether he wears boxers or briefs (*insert 90’s sitcom “woooo!” sound*) His go-to Halloween … Continued

Episode 3: Conversations with Connor McDavid (Interview)

Conversations with Connor

It’s week three of our exclusive video series with Connor McDavid: Conversations with Connor, hosted by Gene Principe. In Episode 3, Connor talks about fashion faux pas’ in the Edmonton dressing room, and his biggest mistake when it comes to style. GENE: “How many suits do you have?” CONNOR: “I always get a lot of … Continued

Episode 2: Conversations with Connor McDavid (Interview)

McDavid interview

It’s week two of our exclusive, behind the scenes series with Connor McDavid: Conversations with Connor, hosted by Gene Principe! If you missed last week’s episode, this series shows you a side of Connor you probably haven’t seen before. This is who he is away from the rink: relaxed, casual, even a little quirky. Connor … Continued

Episode 1: Conversations with Connor McDavid (Interview)

Conversations with Connor

Today is the official launch of Conversations with Connor, a nine-part series brought to you by Connor McDavid and Go Auto. Get ready to see a side of the NHL’s MVP that you haven’t seen before! An In-Depth Connor McDavid Interview McDavid has been part of the Go Auto family since 2016, and ever since … Continued