Connor McDavid

Episode 3: Conversations with Connor McDavid (Interview)

Conversations with Connor

It’s week three of our exclusive video series with Connor McDavid: Conversations with Connor, hosted by Gene Principe.

In Episode 3, Connor talks about fashion faux pas’ in the Edmonton dressing room, and his biggest mistake when it comes to style.

GENE: “How many suits do you have?”

CONNOR: “I always get a lot of heat for that. If I post like an Instagram or something like that the fans are always giving me a hard time because…”

To see the rest of Connor’s answer (and a few other questions, including one about the blue suit he always seems to wear), click here.

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About the Series

Conversations with Connor is a behind the scenes look at the real McDavid.

The series lives exclusively on Go Auto, and a new episode comes out every Monday until November 27th. You’ll get to see McDavid like you’ve rarely seen him: relaxed, casual, even a little quirky. He answers fans questions, talks about his fears, does a rapid fire Q&A, takes us golfing, and even goes for a tour of his childhood home.

Make sure you go back and watch episode 1. He talks about his go-to karaoke song and you’re not going to want to miss it.

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