Connor McDavid

Episode 1: Conversations with Connor McDavid (Interview)

Conversations with Connor

Today is the official launch of Conversations with Connor, a nine-part series brought to you by Connor McDavid and Go Auto. Get ready to see a side of the NHL’s MVP that you haven’t seen before!

An In-Depth Connor McDavid Interview

McDavid has been part of the Go Auto family since 2016, and ever since we began our partnership we wanted to show everyone more of the real Connor, the guy he is away from the rink. So that’s why we sent our friend Gene Principe to Newmarket, Ontario–Connor’s hometown–to spend the day with Connor and learn more about him.

To watch the first episode of Conversations with Connor McDavid, just click the link here ——> Conversations with Connor

In Episode 1, Connor answers a bunch of questions that the fans have been asking him online for years. He talks about his dream linemate, the team he pulls for that’s not the Oilers, and his go-to karaoke song.

Believe me: whatever you think it is, you’re wrong. It’s better.

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About Conversations with Connor

Conversations with Connor is a video series exclusive to Go Auto, and will launch a new episode every Monday for the next nine weeks. You’ll get to see McDavid like you’ve rarely seen him: relaxed, casual, even a little quirky. He answers fans questions, talks about his fears, does a rapid fire Q&A, takes us golfing, and even goes for a tour of his childhood home.

There’s a picture of him as a kid with a dolphin at one point. It’s hilarious.

Ultimately, we wanted to show you Connor is when he doesn’t have a stick in his hand. But, to be fair, we also put a stick in his hand at one point. But it’s not exactly for the reason you’d think. Stay tuned to Episode 8 for that one.

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