Connor McDavid

Conversations with Connor: Go Auto’s Exclusive Connor McDavid Interview Series

Connor McDavid Interview

A few weeks ago, Go Auto sent Sportsnet’s Gene Principe to Newmarket, Ontario–the home of Connor McDavid–to spend the day with the Oilers’ captain and see a side of him few have seen before.

Starting this Monday … you can see it too.

CONVERSATIONS WITH CONNOR is a nine-part video series that shows McDavid in rare form away from the rink: relaxed, casual, even a bit quirky. Gene gets him to open up about:

  • His biggest fears.
  • His favorite things about Edmonton.
  • That one blue suit heĀ always seems to wear.
  • His thoughts on the upcoming season.
  • His friends away from the rink.
  • Why he self-identifies as “boring.”
  • His dream linemates.
  • And much more. Seriously. There’s more than 20 minutes of questions.

During our Connor McDavid interview you get to spend some time with the NHL’s MVP at the golf range, his puck-destroyed garage, and even his childhood basement. There are some photos in here that we’re honestly surprised he let us show.

If you ever wanted to see McDavid ride a dolphin, then you’re in luck.

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Connor is a notoriously private guy, so this was a pretty special opportunity. Gene spent an entire day with him and he didn’t shy away from any question. We kick the series off on Oct. 2 with a fan-question Q&A.

In Episode 1, we learn a few things about Connor you might not expect.

  • His go-to karaoke song. He actually answers this and it is genuinely hilarious.
  • The NHL jersey he used to wear as a kid. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a Leaf!
  • His ideal linemate, dead or alive. You may or may not be familiar with this guy. And no, it’s not 99 … or 87.

Where to Watch the First Connor McDavid Interview

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