Red Deer’s Steve Wiley Wins $10,000 in Gas Giveaway


Red Deer’s Steve Wiley is the latest in a long line of Edmonton giveaway winners. On the heels of Greg Lake’s big Car Loan Payoff win in March, Wiley took home a cheque for $10,000 this week as the winner of our June Gas Giveaway.

$10,000 Gas Giveaway Winner, Steve Wiley

The contest, which ran from June 1st to June 30th, awarded Wiley with a cheque large enough to pay for his gas for the next five years. All he had to do to win was visit and take 30 seconds to enter the contest.

The money is his to use in whatever way he sees fit. He can use it towards gas, he can tuck it away for a raining day, he can buy season tickets at Rogers Place. The world is Wiley’s oyster for the next little while.

Congrats, Steve!

You Can Win $5000 This July

The giveaways never stop at Go Auto! In July, we’re giving away a $5,000 Vacation to one lucky winner!

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