Go Auto Gave Another Lucky Albertan $30,000 During Car Loan Payoff Promotion


It’s been a great three months here at Go Auto.

In March, April and May we paid off six lucky people’s loans for them during a promotion called the Car Loan Payoff.

The Concept Was Simple:

  • Anyone could participate for a chance to have their car loan paid off. Even if they weren’t a Go Auto customer.
  • They could enter by calling, emailing, texting or just showing up at one of our 40+ dealerships across Western Canada.
  • Then, on the 15th and 30th of each month, we drew a new name and paid off another person’s car loan.

Each of these winners had up to $30,000 taken off their car loan (depending on how much was left to be paid).

Don’t believe us? Here are the first five lucky winners and their stories.

And now we can finally announce our latest winner!

Everyone, Meet Doug.


Doug Jacobs is from Camrose, Alberta. He first heard about the Car Loan Payoff on the radio. Then a few days later, he saw one of our promotions at Cineplex. Doug decided all the signs were pointing him in Go Auto’s direction. So he went online, entered his name and the rest is history.

We drew his name on May 30th and signed a cheque over to him for $30,000. Doug, like all our winners, was completely blown away. We’re so happy we’ve been able to help out so many hard working Canadians.

We’d like to thank everyone who entered the Car Loan Payoff promotion! If you’re interested in hearing about future Go Auto Promotions or want to know what we’ve got planned next, follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or don’t forget to check the Go Auto News Source for daily posts.