Edmonton’s Hany Hasona wins $38,000 in Go Auto’s 2016 Upgrade Contest


This July, Go Auto ran a 2016 Upgrade contest in which people could enter (by phone, text, or online) to win the 2016 version of their vehicle. Hany Hasona entered his 2007 Grand Caravan SE, a vehicle that would have yielded him a 2016 Grand Caravan SE, valued at $20,400.

On Tuesday, Hany won. But he took home a whole lot more.

Rather than simply upgrading him to the same trim level on a 2016 vehicle, we decided to do Hany a solid and upgrade him to the Grand Caravan Crew, valued at $38,000!

We just wanted to take this opportunity to say congrats to Hany. It couldn’t have happened to a sweeter guy, and it was great to hear that a win like this came at exactly the right time for him and his family.

“You brought lot of joy and happiness for me, my wife, and my family. I just can’t describe the reaction of my children when I arrived home and told them,” Hany said. “It was great.”

Enter to be Our August Winner!

In true Go Auto giveaway fashion, we’re not done.The 2016 Upgrade Contest continues through August, with another winner being chosen on September 1st.

To enter, click here. In 30 seconds you’ll be entered to win the 2016 version of your vehicle!