How to Turn Bad Credit into Good Credit


We can all probably agree that 2016 wasn’t a great year for the Alberta economy. Money got a little tighter. Job’s became a little scarcer. Families had to work that much harder to make ends meet.

Maybe you paid a bill later than you were supposed to. Maybe you neglected a few smaller payments in favor of some larger, more important ones. You did what you needed to do. Unfortunately, though, your credit ended up taking a hit as a result.

Don’t despair. There is some good news on the horizon. It’s 2017 and things are starting to look up. Alberta’s financial forecast looks a lot brighter than it did, which means that the needs you put on hold last year could become a reality this year.

Perhaps your family has grown and you need a new vehicle. Well, now might be the time to take the plunge. The only problem is, you might be ready to apply for a car loan, but your credit isn’t. It took a hit last year and now the banks won’t approve you.

Applying For a Car Loan With Bad Credit

Banks don’t care that last year was difficult. They don’t know the sticky details of your family’s situation or the reasons behind why you made a late payment. All they see are numbers and if the numbers don’t look good, they can’t approve you.

Banks have tight guidelines that don’t take into account your family’s needs and the steps you’ve taken towards improving your financial situation. For them, it’s all about the bottom line and you’re seen as too great a risk. This ultimately leaves you without the financing you need for a new car.

So…. After you’ve been denied by the banks, what’s the next step? Is there one?

Absolutely! First, there are some things you can start doing right now that can help improve your credit score quickly. 

  • Paying down your credit card balances,
  • Raising your credit limit,
  • Paying your bills early

Are just some of the things you can do to get you on the right track.

Doing these things now, though, still doesn’t change the fact you need a vehicle and you might not have time to wait. The thing about Go Auto is, we don’t operate like a bank. While we do work with over a dozen different lending institutions to try and get you the best financing rate possible, if they don’t approve you, we have the means to approve you on our own. That’s what makes Go Auto different.

Go Auto doesn’t see risk when it looks at you. It sees an opportunity to help a hard working Albertan get into the vehicle they need, with the right financial assistance.

We encourage you to apply using our online form. It only takes a few minutes and it doesn’t ask invasive or probing questions. We respect your privacy. We’ll then send you an email with all the information you’ll need when it comes to tracking your loan application progress. Then, after a few hours, we’ll let you know where your application is at.


2016 might not have been your year, but 2017 can be. When the banks turn you away for a car loan, there is another option. Plus, once you do get approved and start making regular, timely payments towards your vehicle, your credit will improve as a result. 


Applying For a Car Loan With Bad Credit