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Save Up to 25% on Your Auto Insurance with My Driving Discount App


The My Driving Discount App is a free application you can download on your smartphone that lets you save up to 25% on your car insurance premium! The app monitors your driving habits. If those improve over time, you’re eligible for a personalized discount, up to 25%. And, if you download the app right now, you automatically receive 5% off!

How the My Driving Discount App Works

My Driving Discount App monitors things like acceleration, abnormally hard braking habits, and the time of day at which you normally drive. The app tracks your behavior and makes note of your improvements over time.

The better your driving habits, the better your score in the app.

Once the app’s assessment period is over, your discount will be applied to your car insurance premium based on the conditions of the program. The more your driving habits improve, the more you can save. Your insurance premium can drop as much as 25%!

Important Note: The My Driving Discount can only reward you! In other words, it cannot negatively affect your premiums.

How to Download the My Driving Discount App

If you have not yet enrolled in the program and want to download the app and earn rewards right away, contact us today. The enrollment process is simple, easy and free.

If you are enrolled in the My Driving Discount program, download the app here!

Don’t forget – When you download the app today you automatically receive 5% off your insurance premium.