New Canadian Jumi Lee Wins a $5000 Vacation Giveaway from Go Auto


Moving is always tough. Moving to a new country, that’s another thing entirely.

Since moving to Edmonton from South Korea with her family two months ago, things haven’t been easy for Jumi Lee. Neither she nor her husband had jobs when they got here, so buying their first car was difficult. It’s very difficult to get financing without a job or Canadian credit history (but not impossible … thanks to people like Finance My Ride) so they were forced to buy a new car with cash in hand.

Needless to say, life in Canada didn’t start quite as they’d planned.

But then, on a whim, Jumi entered our $5000 Vacation Giveaway and today she found out that she had won! Five grand, to use however she’d like, whether that’s a fancy vacation or not.

“Can I use it to buy groceries?” Jumi asked with a laugh. That, and a whole lot more.

Congrats to Jumi! You definitely deserve it. We hope it goes a long way.

As for anyone who didn’t win…

Our August Giveaway is Here!

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