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Porsche to Feature 3D Surround Sound System in New Panamera


Whether it’s pirate metal, crunkcore or vaporwave you like listening too — and yes, these are actual genres of music — Porsche wants you to hear all your favorite melodies in three-dimensions. Yeah, you heard us right.


Porsche is adding an optional 3D High-End Surround Sound System on all-new Panamera models. If you opt for this groundbreaking sound system, Porsche will install two loudspeakers that will work with Auro 3D technology to generate a three-dimensional spatial sound pattern, that according to Porsche, will be “reminiscent of the best concert halls in the world.”

This optional system will be available in all new Panamera models and will have a total power output of 1,455 watts through 21 individually controlled loudspeakers – including a 400- watt, class-D subwoofer, and a two-way center speaker. The speakers will be placed strategically throughout the car — four woofers, seven mid-range speakers, two broadband speakers, seven tweeters and subwoofer at the rear — so passengers can enjoy jam sessions with the highest quality of sound spatially possible.

Burmester 3D High-End Surround Sound System

The Burmester Sound system is the brainchild of Dieter Burmester, the founder and CEO of Absolute Sound. Burmester was a passionate musician and a dexterous sound engineer who has been in charge of implementing sound systems in Porsche Panamera’s since 2009. With the development of the new Panamera, Burmester wanted to improve on his current design, in the hopes it would enhance the emotional experience listeners had while in the car. It was about taking the musical experience to the next level: 3D sound. 

By incorporating an Air Motion Transformer (AMT), Burmester completely reshaped the system for the new Panamera. Not only did he increase the efficiency level by six decibels, he made sure the center channel included two-way technology that would work directly with the AMT. Together, both additions help make the sound as crisp as possible.

Perhaps one of the coolest features of the new sound system is its ability to focus the sound on one specific seat. So if it’s just you cruising, the music will be entirely focused on your seat. Want to show your friend a new song you just discovered? Focus all 3D components on the passenger seat.

With 1,455 watts of sound and 3D speakers strategically placed throughout the interior, the new Panamera offers a listening experience unmatched by anything else currently on the market. Just another reason why driving a Porsche really is ….“The Dream.”

The Burmester audio system can be included in your Panamera build for $7525 on the Panamera 4S, and $5935 on the Panamera Turbo. A small price to pay for exceptional sound in an exceptional vehicle.

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