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The 2017 Super Bowl: The Best and Funniest Ads


Five. Million. Dollars. 

That’s the going rate for a 30-second commercial spot during the 2017 Super Bowl. In fact, depending on the network, it can cost as much as $5.5 million. That’s a whole lot of dough for a tiny window of opportunity.

If it’s that expensive, why do so many big-time brands bother to advertise at all?

Because it works.

According to the numbers, if the spot is good, it can translate into millions of dollars’ worth of revenue. And let’s be real here. Of the 110 million people expected to tune in this Sunday, about half will be watching the Falcons take on Brady’s Patriots and the other half… Well, they’ll be there for the commercials.

Here’s a quick look at our favorites so far and some fun facts about this year’s Super Bowl.

2017 Super Bowl (LI) | 5 Fun Facts:

  • #1 With the help of Rogue One‘s Adam Driver, Snickers will air the Super Bowl’s first ever live commercial. The ad will be coupled with a 36-hour live stream, Facebook posts, and behind-the-scenes footage.
  • #2 The average price of a 30-second Super Bowl advertisement in 2007 was $2.4 million. It’s estimated that since that time, the business has generated over 2.6 billion in sales.
  • #3 The Super Bowl Half-Time Show is one of the most-watched musical events of the year;  In 2016, 116.5 million tuned in to watch Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars perform. The headliner this year is Lady Gaga.
  • #4 If the Patriots win this Sunday’s game, it’ll be quarterback Tom Brady’s fifth Super Bowl ring. If the Falcons win, it will be Matt Ryan’s first.
  • #5 According to Men’s Fitness, Americans drink 325.5 million gallons of beer on Super Bowl Sunday.

Squarespace | “John Malkovich”

John Malkovich is back and this time he’s trying to secure an online domain with, of course, his own name. Unfortunately, though, the domain has already been nabbed by someone else.

Malkovich pens an angry email. Hilarity ensues.

Ford | “Go Further”

Bryan Cranston offers the voiceover for Ford’s latest spot. It’s a 90-second ad meant to highlight the progressive steps Ford’s taking into the future. By engineering new types of electric and autonomous cars, as well as building technologies that help people communicate with their vehicles, Ford’s leading the way in the auto industry.

In their own words… “Ford is developing new ways to help you move through life.”

Turbo Tax | “Humpty Fall”

Doing your own taxes is slowly becoming the norm for North Americans. Even Humpty Dumpty does his own. And with Turbo Tax, you can do your taxes whenever and wherever you want.

The only problem is, though, you might end up getting distracted. And then, you know… Fall off a wall.

Mr. Clean | “Cleaner of Your Dreams”

Mr. Clean gets a little dirty in the cleaning agent’s 30-second spot. The ad features a woman cleaning her house with a little assistance from a sexy Mr. Clean.

Ladies, be warned. Those white pants leave little to the imagination.

Avocados from Mexico | “Avo Secrets”

Set to air during the first quarter of Sunday’s game, “Avo Secrets” features long-time celebrity Jon Lovitz in a totally bizarre, yet oddly captivating 30-seconds of avocado glory. You don’t have to like avocados to enjoy the inherent weirdness of this ad.

Kia | “Iceberg”

Kia’s “Walken Closet” was a fan favorite during last year’s Super Bowl. The automotive giants have decided to piggyback off that success with another celebrity endorsed advertisement, only this time they’ve chosen comedian Melissa McCarthy for the job.

While they’ve only released two versions of the ad, there will likely be more variations during Sunday’s game.

Heinz | “Make #Smunday a National Holiday 2017”

If you’ve ever enjoyed one-too-many beers on Super Bowl Sunday and had to work the following Monday, you can relate to this ad. Heinz’s idea is simple: Make the day AFTER Super Bowl Sunday a national holiday.

They’ve got a dream and a petition. And a really hilarious commercial.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know below!