2018 Brand Overview

Which Hyundai Best Fits Your Lifestyle? (2018 Edition)


According to a recent survey commissioned by Oxford Properties, the average Canadian spends roughly an hour commuting to and from work every day. That’s five hours per week, twenty hours per month, and 240 hours per year (that’s like an extra thirty work days!).

Not only do we spend a lot of time behind the wheel, but we spend a considerable amount of money on our vehicles. The Globe and Mail reported that the average Canadian spends nearly one fifth of their after-tax dollars on monthly payments.

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Given the amount of time and money you will be devoting to your vehicle, it’s important that you choose a ride that will suit your everyday needs. It’s important that you do the proper research beforehand in addition to determining what your vehicle needs are.

  • Do you have kids with lots of extra-curricular activities on the go?
  • Will you be towing and hauling heavy payloads?
  • Is money tight, and do you need something cost-effective and fuel efficient to get you from point A to point B with as little impact on your wallet as possible?

Fortunately, the designers at Hyundai have built a vehicle for nearly every lifestyle. Whether you’re a parent, a new driver, environmentally conscious, or looking for a fully-loaded ride, there’s a Hyundai for you.

2018 Elantra

Seats: up to 5
Go Auto Price: $17,299 – $32,699

Fuel efficient, full of advanced safety and driver assist features, and sporting a revamped, eye-catching design, the 2018 Elantra is one of the best compact cars on the market today. It’s incredibly affordable too, considering all the gadgets that come with it. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to save a few dollars.

Just consider its class-leading fuel economy ratings:

  • 9.3 L/100km in the city
  • 6.4 L/100km on the highway
  • 8.0 L/100km combined

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a vehicle that can beat it, especially at the Elantra’s MSPR price. Plus, bearing in mind that drivers in Edmonton and surrounding areas will often, in a single day, go from tight, bumper-to-bumper action in the city to highway driving, the 8.0 L/100km combined fuel economy signals the potential this car has as a money and air-quality saver – great for those seeking to save money as well as trees.

When it comes to safety, the Elantra doesn’t disappoint. Having received a respectable four-out-of-five star rating from Edmunds as well as the IIHS Top Safety Pick award, the Elantra is an obvious choice for parents shopping for their teen’s first car and anyone who values their well-being. With all the active safety and driver assist features in the world loaded into it, the Elantra can practically drive itself.


  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Stop-and-go technology
  • Lane Change Assist
  • Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection
  • Lane departure warning
  • Lane keep assist
  • Blind spot detection with rear cross-traffic alert
  • Rear-view camera
  • Dynamic bending light (headlights that turn in the direction of the steering wheel

The list of noteworthy features goes on forever, so for a more well-rounded look at the 2018 Elantra, check out our review of it here.


  • Excellent value for your dollar
  • Top-end fuel efficiency
  • Advanced technology
  • Quiet and smooth ride
  • A refined design, both inside and out
  • Safety and driver assist features


  • Parents looking to buy their teen’s first car
  • Commuters
  • Students
  • Young professionals
  • Anyone on a budget

2017 Accent

Seats: up to 5

Go Auto Price: $13,926 – $22,893

Hyundai’s lowest priced car, the fun-sized 2017 Accent is a fuel efficient, surprisingly powerful, and well-designed go-getter that is perfect for maneuvering around the city. It’s also available as a hatchback, capable of handling a hockey bag and goalie pads, if you’re a clever packer.

Powered by an eco-efficient 1.6-litre GDI engine paired to either a six-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission that can produce a class-leading 137 horsepower and 123 lb-ft of torque, the Accent bests its rivals in most performance measures. It won’t win you any drag races, but it sure is fun to drive, and its small size will get you into the tightest parking spaces.

Typical of this segment, the Accent’s fuel economy numbers are solid. With 8.8 L/100km in the city, 6.5 L/100km on the highway, and a combined 7.8 L/100km, the only other feasible way you could save more gas money on your commute other than getting behind the wheel of an Accent would be to ride a bike to work.

Setting it apart from its competitors, the Accent’s interior feels remarkably upscale for the price you’re getting it at, and it also provides more cargo space than the bulk of its competitors. In fact, there’s so much cargo space that the EPA (U.S.’s Environmental Protection Agency) labels the Accent as a compact rather than a subcompact.


  • 6-way adjustable driver’s seat
  • Six-speaker audio system with satellite radio
  • USB jack
  • Tilt-and-telescopic steering wheel
  • Heated side mirrors
  • Projector headlights with LED accents
  • Fog lights
  • Bluetooth
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel with cruise control and audio features

With its incredibly affordable price, impressive cargo capacity, and satisfying power train, the Hyundai Accent fits the bill of several lifestyles.


  • Interior is large for its class and has an upscale feel
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Attractive design
  • Effective storage space


  • Students
  • First-time car buyers
  • City drivers

2018 Kona

Seats: up to 5

Go Auto Price: $20,999 – $31,999 (plus destination/delivery costs)

The all-new Hyundai Kona will be launching in Edmonton this March. Here’s what we said about it last month in our full review:

Competitively priced and sporting an eye-catching design, the Kona is a perfect match for drivers who enjoy the higher seating of an SUV, but  desire the maneuverability of a car. Edmonton Hyundai Kona enthusiasts, rejoice: it’s right around the corner, and it’s a fantastic ride.

Geared toward active people in an urban setting, the Kona is sharp, agile, with a ton of driver assist and safety features and a sweet interior that sports an easy-to-use infotainment system. Best of all, you don’t need to purchase one of the top trims to be impressed.

There are so many good things to say about the Kona, we don’t have room for them here. If you’re interested in the newest crossover on the market, read all about it here.

2018 Sonata

Seats: up to 5

Go Auto Price: $26,604 – $38,804

If you have the appetite for a sports car, but don’t want to spend a ton of money, the Sonata might just be the car for you. It’s strikes a great balance between luxury and affordability. Supplying a quiet ride, a spacious interior made with quality materials, and tons of standard active safety and driver assist features, the 2018 Sonata is one of the highest rated midsized sedans of its segment.

When it comes to performance, the Sonata isn’t lacking any spunk. Drivers have the option of selecting the standard 2.4L GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) 4-cylinder engine paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission that delivers 185 horsepower and 178 lb-ft of torque. Alternatively, drivers can opt for the more powerful 2.0L turbocharged GDI engine mated to 8-speed automatic transmission. The latter delivers a whopping 245 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. The sport-tuned suspension, along with the available 18” alloy wheels available to the upper trims improves steering, and give drivers a more responsive ride and a more dynamic feel of the road.

Fuel economy ratings aren’t too shabby either, getting 9.8 L/100km in the city, 6.9 L/100km on the highway, for a combined 8.5 L/100km.

It’s surprisingly spacious interior provides the driver and passengers with an abundance of leg space, and the trunk is quite large even before you fold down the split rear seats. All that cargo and people space make this car perfect for smaller families, as the trunk can easily handle the weekend gear and the backseat is large enough to keep the kids from bickering on those long car rides.


  • Standard 7.0-inch touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • Blue Link system (now able to communicate with Amazon Echo)
  • Second-row USB charging port
  • Blind-sport monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert
  • Rear view camera
  • Lane Change Assist
  • Lane departure warning
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Automatic high beam assist
  • Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Adaptive cruise control with start/stop technology
  • Dynamic Bending Lights

The list goes on. Rest assured, you’ll be getting your money’s worth if you decide to purchase the 2018 Sonata. Highly recommend.


  • Quiet cabin
  • Intuitive infotainment system, compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • Attractive interior made with high quality materials
  • Great selection of engines available
  • Good bang for your buck


  • New families
  • Sports car lovers with their mind on their money

2018 Tucson

Seats: up to 5

Go Auto Price: $26,804 – $36,403 

A top contender in the subcompact SUV segment, the 2018 Tucson is great for running errands, dominating Costco runs, and heading to the mountains on impromptu ski trips. It’s positioned above the new, smaller subcompact Kona, but below its larger big brother, the Santa Fe. With the 2018 Tucson, you’re getting a wealth of high-end features for an extremely reasonable price, making this vehicle an obvious match for anyone looking to buy a dependable, sporty SUV without breaking the bank.

Its base engine is a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder that delivers 164 horsepower and 151 lb-ft of torque when matched to its 6-speed automatic transmission. But if you desire more power, opt for the upgraded 1.6-litre turbocharged GDI engine with 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission. This commanding unit packs a pretty big punch at 175 horsepower and 195 lb-ft of torque. At its best, the 2018 Tucson will get you 10.1 L/100km in the city, 7.8 L/100km on the highway, and 9.0 L/100km combined, saving you a considerable amount of money at the gas station.


  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • 7.0-inch center display
  • Heated seats
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Five-star overall safety rating/2018 Top Safety Pick from the IIHS
  • Class-competitive cargo capacity


  • Appealing design
  • Quiet, smooth ride
  • Sensible fuel economy
  • A+ safety ratings


  • New parents
  • Athletes with gear
  • Anyone looking for a lower-cost SUV

2018 Santa Fe Sport
(XL version below)

Seats: up to 5

Go Auto Price: $30,504 – $47,903

The largest of Hyundai’s lineup of SUVs, the 2018 Santa Fe Sport offers the performance capabilities to rise to its “sport” moniker, and a plush and spacious interior to complement its refined, dynamic styling. Whether you’re headed to an early morning soccer practice with the kids in tow, or whether you’re off on your annual fishing trip, the Santa Fe will get you there comfortably and in style.

The Santa Fe’s big advantage over its littler brothers, the Tucson and the Kona, as well as over its competition, is its size. Five adults could easily fit inside with legroom to spare, while the same situation may feel cramped in some of its competition. Also, as far as cargo capacity goes, the Santa Fe nears minivan standards by offering generous trunk space and clever solutions that make storing even the most awkward items manageable. Additional hidden storage space allows you to store items out of sight under the floor. Moreover, there’s also a second row sliding feature, which will allow new parents to move the child seat closer to the front passenger seat.

The Santa Fe Sport draws power from two 4-cylinder engines. The standard engine is a 2.4-litre GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) paired to a 6-speed automatic transmission. It delivers a satisfying 185 horsepower and 178 lb-ft of torque. Should you want a bit more oomph, opt for the 2.0L turbocharged GDI engine (available to the top three trims). This engine, engineered with a twin-scroll turbo, provides 240 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque, as well as an increased towing capacity of 3,500 lbs. Thus, towing your favourite tent trailer is within the realm of possibility.

All-wheel-drive is available to all trims and engines, readying the Santa Fe for the days when our Edmonton roads could be mistaken for slick luge tracks. It features Active Cornering Control to improve cornering performance and safety by directing torque to the wheels that have the most grip.

While the Santa Fe may not get the best fuel economy ratings in its class, it’s no gas guzzler by any means. At its best, this SUV will can achieve 11.1 L/100km in the city, 8.6 L/100km on the highway, and a combined 10.0 L/100km.


  • 8.0-inch touchscreen
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • Rear-view camera
  • Hill-start control and downhill assist
  • Surround-view camera system
  • Active lane control
  • Forward-collision warnings with automatic emergency braking
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Panoramic Sunroof


  • Spacious interior with plenty of cargo storage options
  • Plenty of standard features, with even more optional features
  • Great value for your dollar
  • Clever sliding seat is perfect for new parents


  • New parents
  • Families
  • Outdoorsmen
  • Anyone braving Edmonton winters

2018 Santa Fe XL

Seats: up to 7

Go Auto Price: $30,999 – $51,603 

Should you desire all of the power and style of the Santa Fe Sport, yet your vehicle needs require a bit more space, consider buying the Santa Fe XL. With an extra row added, the Santa Fe XL has the leg-up on the Santa Fe Sport and other members of its class in terms of comfort and space.

Along with the added seating and cargo space, the Santa Fe XL also comes with an extra boost to its powertrain. The powerful 3.3-litre V6 GDI engine has been carried over from last year’s model, and delivers an impressive 290 horsepower and 252 lb-ft of torque. Paired with its smooth shifting 6-speed automatic transmission, the Santa Fe XL has a towing capacity of up to 5,000 lbs. Drivers are also given the option to choose their preferred driving style as well, with three different modes that adjust throttle response and steering effort: Eco, Normal, and Sport.

With all of that extra power, however, the Santa Fe XL’s fuel economy ratings takes a back seat to the smaller Sport version, delivering 12.9 L/100km in the city, 9.4 L/100km on the highway, and a combined 11.3 L/100km.


  • Most of the Santa Fe’s features (listed above)
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking system
  • HID headlights with Adaptive Cornering System
  • IIHS Top Safety Pick in 2018


  • Lots of value
  • Tons of space
  • Seating for 7
  • An abundance of standard tech
  • Excellent safety scores


  • Large families
  • Road-trip enthusiasts with modest towing needs

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